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Boxed Liner

Boxed Liner

Integra Liner


The First High Quality, Economical EPDM Solution to Rising Liner Costs

Due to extreme price increases in 45-mil EPDM liner, many customers are looking to other types of material such as PVC and HDPE for cost saving measures. EPDM rubber has long been the staple of the water feature industry. Nothing can compare with the quality and benefits of EPDM liner. Offering this economical material will allow your customers to continue using the best product for their application instead of sacrificing quality by using an inferior product like PVC or HDPE. Integra Liner allows you to retain this business by offering a high quality material with an unmatched 25-year warranty.


• Available in rolls and precut boxes or bags

• Fish, plant, and wildlife safe

• Flexible even under extreme temperatures

• Easy and fast to install

• Ozone and UV resistant


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