OFS7A Basalt Rock – 20" High (fiberglass)


Columns and boulders have long been a favorite choice when building bubbling water features. Each of these pieces have been molded from actual rocks for a very realistic appearance. Each rock may vary slightly in appearance and size.


OFS7A Basalt Rock – 20" High (fiberglass)

A great way to make an interesting display! The columns can be used in many different combinations, each one being unique and beautiful. Because columns are typically used in multiples, recommending a pump or basin is difficult. Generally a 48″ or larger basin is used when three or four statuary pieces are installed together. The four basalt rocks are made from a fiber glass resin mix for increased durability!

Additional Information

  • Dimensions 8" x 9" at base 20"H
  • Recommended Flow Rate 200gph
  • Weight 5