Water Treatment Kits

Our family of water treatment products is designed to work together to achieve the natural ecological balance every pond needs to maintain clean clear water. Each product has simple dosages and application instructions with initial treatment and maintenance doses specified. These kits go one step further, pairing the best combinations of all natural treatments for year-round pond care.


Seasonal Boost BacteriaProduct Focus: Seasonal Boost Package

This Seasonal Boost Treatment package with liquid and dry bacteria will help maintain ponds in the fall or spring when water temps are below 55º F. The safe, effective and natural bacteria and enzymes in these products help break down leaves and other organic debris. Applications in the fall will help to winterize a pond for it's dormant phase. Applications in the spring will help to jump start the summer treatment of your pond.

  • Enriched formula with barley and enzymes
  • Great for early spring and late fall treatments, allows quicker spring startup and longer late season action
  • Cold weather beneficial bacteria reduces buildup of decaying leaves and organic waste in water temperatures as low as 38ºF
  • A natural way to keep a pond clean and clear, Seasonal Boost bacteria is eco-friendly and safe for fish, plants and wildlife
  • Two kit sizes – treats 500 or 1000 gallon pond up to nine continuous weeks or four weeks in the Spring and in the Fall

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Water Treatment Kit

Product Focus: Pond Water Treatment Package

This EasyPro Pond Water Treatment Package provides season long care for your pond and reduces time between full pond cleanouts. When used together these products promote clear water, help clean pond and stream bottoms, condition tap water and reduce organic buildup.

  • Rock & Waterfall Cleaner quickly lifts debris from pond bottom and walls. Use as maintenance dose or spot treatment on rocks and waterfalls. Use at least 24 hours before bacteria treatments.
  • All Season Bacteria Works in a wide range of temperatures. Removes ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates and sludge. Effective results without the smell.
  • Sludge Remover Bacteria removes sludge and odors with convenient premeasured one ounce water soluble packets. Strongly recommended for ponds with gravel bottom.
  • Tap water can harm aquatic life. Water Conditioner safely neutralizes chlorine and destroys chloramines, it also binds and detoxifies heavy metals.
  • Two kit sizes – treats 500 or 1000 gallon pond up to four months

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