The waterfall is often the focal point of any backyard water feature. In regions where water is in short supply, ponds are tough to maintain. EasyPro Just-A-Falls systems are ideal for businesses and homeowners who want the sights and sounds of a waterfall but do not want the liability or maintenance associated with a pond. Just-A-Falls kits make installation simple with all high qualiy, compatible components. Sizes are available from a simple 3' stream to a commercial grade 34' stream. Each of our truly innovative spillways take building waterfalls to a new level.

Enjoy the sound of water with an ECO-Series Just-A-Fall kit. This is the ideal system for the backyard "Do-it-Yourselfer." These kits include simple to install, one-piece spillways. Our patented “Spliner Lock” system attaches the stream liner to the spillway without silicone, bolts or tools. Each of these kits is designed with the ease of installation in mind.

Waterfall Diffuser Just-A-Falls Kits incorporate our unique universal waterfall diffuser for quick, easy, professional looking systems. These spillways are made to last and require less excavation than a “tub” style spillway. The low profile, 3-1/2” design makes them easy to conceal. Each pump is matched to provide even flow from the diffuser all the way down the stream to the Res-Cube basin.

Take full advantage of your space with a Pro-Series Just-A-Falls kit. These professional grade components marry the water feature with the terrain, creating a high quality centerpiece in the landscape. Pro-Series spillways include a grate just below the water level to stack stone, hiding the spillway from view. Each kit is available without Res-Cubes for use with a natural earthen basin or with Res-Cubes for those who prefer to hide the reservoir.


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Building Economical Reservoirs

Economical ReservoirsIt’s common knowledge that a reservoir has to be built large enough to hold adequate water for the size of the feature that is being installed. On larger projects the reservoir can get very large. Making a natural looking stone bottom can be a challenge. Reservoir Cubes (Res-Cubes) are a great way to simplify installation of the Just-A-Falls, formal fountains, and other basins typically using a large quantity of rock. These sturdy plastic cubes can be stacked together to partially or totally fill the reservoir. This dramatically reduces the labor involved, reservoir size, and material cost in liner, underlayment, and rock.

Res-Cube Benefits:

  • Reducing rock tonnage
  • Reservoir can be made smaller because of the increased water percentage due to less rock being used
  • Installation time is reduced considerably - smaller reservoir hole means digging, less liner and less labor
  • Increase reservoir water capacity from 40% with rock to 90%+ with res-cubes

EasyPro designers will often oversize the liner on the reservoir. This allows you to wrap the liner over the top of the cubes and greatly reduce the size of visible stone area. Our new JAFL pump vault is made extra wide, 20" diameter, for use with multiple mag drive pumps in custom features. The heavy duty roto-molded plastic is incredibly strong and works great with EasyPro Res-Cubes.

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