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Special thanks to Quality Ponds in Columbus, NJ for the footage.

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See ponds and water features in a new light, again and again...
Add color in and around any pond or water feature to create a unique lighting theme. Color of lights can be set for special occasions, holidays or just for the fun of it!

Cabrio color changing lights are available in 11", 23" and 35" strips or in a compact spotlight which includes a removeable base. for multiple mounting options. All light fixtures are constructed with a strong aluminum housing and filled with epoxy for waterproofing. Cabrio lights can be used in or out of water, from uplighting a brilliant backyard waterfall to adding a cool glow off of a deck or patio area.

Use Cabrio remote control to create multiple preprogramed patterns and color combinations. Our radio frequency remote will work up to 60' away from the comfort of your living room, direct line of sight not required. Synchronize all Cabrio lights with a single remote – Remote controls modes, speed of color change and brightness.

  • Wide spectrum of color options
  • Powerful LED's draw only a few watts
  • 12 volt transformer included with each light strip
  • 15' power cord includes quick disconnects to the transformer


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